8 Golden Rules of Forex Trading

8 Golden Rules of Forex Trading
Every trader wants to become a professional trader in the forex market but only the top 1% of people get success in this business. why only the top 1% ? because they follow rules, trade with discipline and have a perfect mindset. let’s try to explore our natural phenomena. Sunrise and set in time. everything in this nature is following a rule and regulation. we have to apply this technique in this business too.



The major thing I’m going to tell you is that there’s no holy grail system in trading which you mostly read on different websites on the internet. You can’t become a millionaire in one night from forex. Success demands effort and sacrifice. I teach traders with very simple and effective techniques, not a holy grail system but to learn high probability setups with very simple techniques. Before we start you have to know that you cannot become a millionaire in a month or a year. When there will be consistency in your profits then you are on the way to a millionaire. you have to accept losses in the market and don’t try to take revenge from the market. losses and profits are part of a business.

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Top 8 golden rules for success in forex trading

Before trading you have to make sure you are following or followed these steps:
  1. You know how forex market works how buying and selling are two powerful forces in market. you know everything basic about the forex market i.e. pips, candlesticks, units.
  2. Make sure you have a effective strategy with back test results having minimum 1:3 risk reward.
  3. you own a trading plan. its mean if trades go in profit how will you manage or if it goes in negative then what you will do.
  4. demo results of your strategy. at least 100 samples of your strategy proving all requirements of effective strategy.
  5. Risk Reward should be minimum 1:3. this will help a lot you can say this is real magic in trading.
  6. keep record of your trades ( make a trading journal )
  7. last thing to remember is trading psychology. Be confident on your strategy. Never be greed in forex. Go with your trading plan and accept losses. don’t try to revenge from market.
  8. Don’t skip any of above 7 steps.

Top 8 golden rules for success in forex trading (Fully Described)

Every trader has a unique set of strategies that they use to navigate the forex market. These strategies are designed with the hope that they will address the immediate needs of an individual trader. As a trader, the rules you create for yourself might not be useful to anyone else but you. For this reason, every trader must learn more about their own objectives in order to formulate rules that allow them to achieve their set goals. There are also some rules that are common to the entire market and you can definitely borrow some inspiration from these general rules. Most of the principles that apply to the market as a whole are a reflection of the nature of forex trade. Here are some of the best rules and principles of trading on forex you should know about.
1. Follow the indicators
It is important to keep an account of what is happening in the market. The best way to do this is through an analysis of forex indicators. These indicators give a real perspective of the economic situation of the currency market. indicators help you identify the best times to enter and exit the market. This, in turn, saves you from losses and maximizes your profits.
2. Have personal trading records
Personal daily, weekly, and even hourly records are crucial in the forex business. These records not only keep an account of your successes but also of your mistakes. You can thus use them in the future to develop better strategies and to identify possible problem areas. Personal records also allow you to identify particular patterns in the trade which can help you follow a certain trend or quit early enough.
3. Do a thorough analysis of the signals
Market signals provided by charts and indicators are the key to successful trading. There are many kinds of signals that the market gives and indicators are the only way to understand them. Market signals in forex can provide a window to understanding support and resistance, volatility in the market and other vital signs that can protect your assets.
4. Control your emotions
Another key rule in the forex business is to always control emotions. Emotions are bad in the forex business because the market is quite disappointing most times. If you are someone who reacts passionately when hit by disappointment thus, you can easily lose track and lose your money. In the forex trading business, you need to be always pragmatic and ready to follow the logic.
5. Work independently
One of the best principles you will have in forex is deciding to work independently. You will be required to think independently, analyze the market independently and trade independently. Forex is not like other businesses where you can utilize the power of collaboration in monitoring your assets. The dynamic nature of the business makes it impossible to work with teams.
6. Make timely trades
Another great rule you should have when trading is to ensure that your trades are always timed correctly. The difference between a profit-making move and a loss-making move is very small in the forex market. This is why the business relies on a great deal of market data. Make sure that you have followed all the insights before venturing into any trade.

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7. Know your limits
The ultimate business move in most trading industries is to have trading limits. Limits are important for mitigating risks and securing along for those involve in the trade. You should be able to establish your limits for every single trade you make. You should also have limits for the day, week and all other trading stages.
8. Embrace risk management strategies
There are a number of common risk management tips you should always remember. First, you need to know that your funds are limited, so you need to invest sparingly. Secondly, you should be aware that even though success might come early, your established principles should always prevail. Apart from these, it is advisable to always trade with the market and not against it. Risk management is all about lessening the effects of risks and not necessarily getting rid of the risk. Every business has its own rules and principles which help traders achieve their goals. By internalizing the above rules and principles of the forex market, you will definitely enjoy an easier time in the forex trade.

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